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Being a Guitar Teacher in Aberdeen - What It's Really Like?

Updated: Jun 11

Connor Montgomery - Guitar Teacher in Aberdeen

One of the questions I get asked most - mainly by my own students during their guitar lessons is what's it like to be a music teacher in Aberdeen?

I've always given the same answer - fun! There is however, more to it than that. The reason it's fun is actually due to a number of contributing factors.

  1. The Students

Of course I couldn't do my work as a guitar tutor if it wasn't for the students who attend on a daily basis. The interaction and enthusiasm from those receiving music lessons is what makes my job enjoyable and rewarding. Their dedication to practice their instrument each week (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and ukulele) makes teaching so much easier and their willingness to learn are the foundation of what makes my music school the best in Scotland.

2. The Preparation

Running any business requires a degree of organisation. I am fortunate enough that due to my 20 years plus of being a guitar teacher I have over 2,500 songs already prepared for students to learn. I have also learned the importance of being able to provide music quickly and write it by ear (we call it transcribing). Having material ready for the student means that the fear of being unprepared just isn't there. It takes time to build up a library of tracks and you will always be asked for songs you don't have but don't sweat it. If you know what you're doing (and you should as an experienced music teacher) then there isn't anything to worry about - just keep on top of your game and keep writing new music!

3. The Right Environment

At Fresh Music Aberdeen you will find the environment friendly and encouraging. There is always a bit of good chat (not always just music) and there are opportunities you'll get here that you won't get elsewhere. You can record and write music and have it uploaded to vinyl, spotify, itunes, amazon music etc. If you're having an off week come and relax and take a load off, and for the weeks where you're on it we'll fire through and learn some stuff. Everyone is welcome here - Fresh is a music school that prides itself on creating a welcoming and easy-going environment for all guitar students no matter what age or ability.

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