Terms & Conditions - 01.01.2020

Please see our updated terms and conditions for your perusal below.

All lessons are paid for monthly via the Direct Debit Scheme.


​Direct Debits can be cancelled at any time, should you wish to cease lessons. Fresh Music Aberdeen reserves the right to charge a £10 administration fee for any rejected payments due to insufficient funds​.


The price paid for lessons is based on a 47 week working year. Fresh Music is closed for 5 weeks in any given year, usually two weeks at Christmas/ New Year, whilst the other 3 weeks are taken at various stages throughout the year. The dates on which Fresh Music will be closed for these holiday periods are notified in advance. Lessons due to take place at any time outwith the dates on which Fresh Music is officially closed must be paid for unless Fresh Music is responsible for the lesson cancellation.

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Direct Debit Scheme:

Policy on illness:

To avoid any unnecessary spread of germs we politely ask that, if students are unable to attend school/ work etc. due to illness, they consider not attending their lesson(s) until they are 48 hours clear of any infection. This will help prevent any disruption to lessons with other students.  


As lessons will be charged for, this cannot be enforced, but is recommended. 

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